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Canvas Sky - creating environments inspired by the natural world to enrich living and working spaces.
Canvas Sky is a premier specialty decorative painting studio, licensed and insured since 1994, providing services for commercial and residential spaces.  Owner and artist, Sandra Payne has been studying and practicing art for over 25 years and has worked with many brilliant artists.
Canvas Sky collaborates with many trades to create a successful complete design along with the client, interior designer, or architect.
Services include:  design and execution of murals, trompe l' oeil, decorative finishes, replication of marble, wood, metallic, and natural materials.  Because inspiration is drawn from nature, environmentally safe products are used.

Project Processes 
Phase 1 - Design, consultation, instruction services, survey and document project space and design specifications for proposal development.
Phase 2 - Design and sample development
Phase 3 - Design and surface finish execution.   

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 The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, the source of all art and science. 
 Albert Einstein
Photo:  S Payne
Canvas Sky's decorative painting and mural work is highlighted in Home & Design, "Variations On A Theme" with designer, Teri Capps, Winter 2003 issue.

View our artwork with Galiani Design Group's "Landmark Revival" featured in Southern Home, May / June 2018

Photo: S Payne